Welcome to Artisan Skateparks

Artisan Skateparks is a collaboration of over 25 years of combined custom skatepark construction and design. All crewmembers are active skateboarders with a firm desire to remain on the leading edge of quality custom concrete skatepark construction techniques. Each and every crew member is skilled in all areas pertaining to custom concrete skatepark construction, including site layout, excavation and grading, elevations, form structure and reinforcement, metal fabrication, shotcrete placement and finishing, and concrete pump operations.


Quality custom concrete skateparks are unique structures where a certain level of expertise is required for proper execution. It is often assumed that any experienced contractor using good construction techniques can construct a good skatepark. Unfortunately, this is not true. Due to the nature of these skatepark components, experienced quality skatepark builders should be sought out to complete these types of “specialty projects”. From design, function, type of materials, placement, and construction, only skatepark specialists should be used to create a park that the community will get the most use and enjoyment of.


Artisan Skateparks feels that contracting a professional Design/Build Skatepark Builder is the best, time proven method for completing a successful skatepark. If you would like to know more about Artisan Skateparks and our project experience please contact Andy Duck or download our statement of qualifications.